Woke Literature

The King, and not I: Refusing neutrality is a fantastic article and it points out something that many people seem to gloss over. White men have been the ones who played in all the Shakespeare roles. Theatre wasn’t a suitable occupation for those of the female persuasion. For  Lloyd Evans “these ‘new’ interpretations prevent audiences from “listen[ing] to what Shakespeare is saying.”” But, if that was the case why aren’t traditional theaters casting men for all the roles? As time goes on literature is shown in different ways, Today people complain of “wokeism” because people are insistent that more POC, indigenous ect are given equal opportunities. Isn’t it the same thing that happened when women wanted to be able to vote? Whenever something goes against the status quo people become uncomfortable. It isn’t that these critics want Shakespeare to be heard as he intended to be heard, if that was the case adaptations wouldn’t be a thing. These critics are uncomfortable with their worldviews being challenged.

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