Heorot Project

For my project, I’ve created Heorot from Beowulf in Minecraft, and I’ve written a bit about hospitality in Beowulf to go along with it, as follows: Hospitality, as we see it in Beowulf, seems to largely involve parties. Naturally, there’s a reason for this. Hrothgar, the king, gives wealth to his subjects and honor to… Read more Heorot Project


Speaking of grudges: out there in the dark, one waited. He listened, holding himself hard to home, but he’d been lonely too long, brotherless, sludge-stranded. Now he heard and endured   the din of drinkers. Their poetry poisoned his peace. Every night, turmoil: raucous laughter from Heorot, howling of harps, squawking of scops. Headley, Maria Dahvana.… Read more Grendel

Loneliness in The Wife’s Lament, The Wanderer, & Beowulf

There are a few obvious themes that are represented in the poems The Wife’s Lament and The Wanderer by Aaron K. Hostetter. The first theme that I noticed was the theme of isolation/loneliness. Isolation is one of the fundamental themes of literature. It’s a state of loneliness in which you can feel cut off and… Read more Loneliness in The Wife’s Lament, The Wanderer, & Beowulf

Project 1: Ecological Criticism and Beowulf

Luke Harding Helms Rethinking Medieval Literature September 30, 2021 Beowulf  and the Ecosystem Ecological criticisms range in their application and practice within literature. They include analyses in individual close readings of a text’s representation of human and environmental relationships as well as overall studies into the interpretation and expression of the natural world across texts… Read more Project 1: Ecological Criticism and Beowulf