The Reuniting

For a first project, I decided to transform a scene from “Chevrefoil” into a comic strip. I specifically, used the stanzas, In the woods she finds that man whoLoves her more than any other. They show their joy, to be together– He can talk to her at leisure,She speaks to him all her pleasure. Then she outlines every… Read more The Reuniting

Intertwined Together

Marie de France’s poem, “Chevrefoil”, which translates to honeysuckle, is a poem about Sir Tristram and his lover, the Queen, who is also his uncle’s wife. But I wondered about the meaning of honeysuckle, and exactly of what it represented. In the poem, is it written, For without her he cannot live.For those two, it’s… Read more Intertwined Together

Lanval Text Quest For my first project of the semester, I knew I wanted to do something with Marie de France. I say that but it’s sort of a lie. I did consider doing a text quest with Beowulf at first because, as an epic, it just has more action and grand adventure in it by nature… Read more Lanval Text Quest

To Define and Seek Out Truth: Beowulf and Marie de France Poetry

In order to avoid the controversial “the fish is this big” in fictional epic poems and stories like Beowulf and Marie de France’s Bisclavret and Chevrefoil truth must be established at the start and throughout the piece. In Chevrefoil, in the first and third line it says, “it’s my pleasure and I want truly…the truth… Read more To Define and Seek Out Truth: Beowulf and Marie de France Poetry

Hazel and Honeysuckle

For my reflections post, I wanted to do a follow-up on my questions post (that I accidentally forgot to publish so it’s kinda late) and the discussion that we had in class Wednesday. A lot of medieval and Renaissance literature is inspired by mythology and folklore, because science hadn’t really taken off yet so the… Read more Hazel and Honeysuckle