Jane Eyre Reflection

Jane Eyre is an important text to really deconstruct what feminism was in the Victorian era. I think from reading it I questioned the feminism aspect throughout and wondered what it meant to Jane herself. As a woman in 2021, feminism is a lot different from Jane’s perspective in the 1840s. We focus on equality… Read more Jane Eyre Reflection

A Reflection on Crazy Cat Ladies

“With poke and giggle, ready to skedaddle,We peered agog through the cobwebbed doorStraight into the yellow glareOf guardian cats crouched round their idol,While Ella drowsed whiskered with sleek face, sly wits:Sphinx queen of cats” Sylvia Plath – “Ella Mason and Her Eleven Cats” I have this one manager at work who, if she appears to… Read more A Reflection on Crazy Cat Ladies

A Uniquely Isolating Situation

I want to start by saying this is a reflection roughly inspired by a short conversation we had in class as well as mtravers’ post about education history.  Jane Eyre enters Thornfield Hall as a governess to Adele, a logical transition from her work teaching at the Lowood School. But the nature of a governess’s… Read more A Uniquely Isolating Situation

Female Suffering in The Bride (1985) and Frankenstein

CW: Sexual Assault Female Suffering in The Bride (1985) and Frankenstein In The Bride (1985), Dr. Baron Charles Frankenstein comes from a wealthy family. He is well educated, well dressed, and well spoken. From a young age, Frankenstein had been obsessed with science, specifically reanimating dead bodies. However creating life from death comes with consequences.… Read more Female Suffering in The Bride (1985) and Frankenstein