Project 2

Antoinette Cosway is a remarkable character in both Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea. She doesn’t have a lot of time in the book Jane Eyre, but the role she plays is super important–it’s actually why Jean Rhys decided to give her a little bit of backstory. She played such a great role but no… Read more Project 2

Manipulation in Romance

Justin Levesque 4/28/2022 British literature Manipulation of Romance             In British literature, there are many different types of relationships that we read about. This could be humans and monsters, family, and even relationships between enemies. Most of these texts also have romantic relationships that get heavily focused on. When they are seen or read, they… Read more Manipulation in Romance

St. John from “Jane Eyre” Represents the Manipulation of Guilt Often Found in the Church and Here’s Why

So we all know St. John from Jane Eyre is generally pretty scummy.  Maybe it’s just me, but he’s a misogynistic man with the heart of a colonizer in my eyes.  That being said, he often uses guilt trips to get his way.  These guilt trips usually have religious connotations, both making him seem “superior”… Read more St. John from “Jane Eyre” Represents the Manipulation of Guilt Often Found in the Church and Here’s Why

Jane Eyre Question 3

Question: Why did the author choose to portray Rochester and Adele’s relationship in the way of single dad and daughter? In the Victorian Era especially, it was pretty uncommon to hear of a father gaining custody of their child. Especially considering Adele may not have even been his biological child. He stepped up when her… Read more Jane Eyre Question 3

Jane Eyre Question 2

Question: What role does Rochester play in this novel? I have been wracking my brain about this question since we were introduced to Rochester. I always think one thing, and then he says or does something to change my mind. At first I thought Rochester was a creepy guy who had some issues, but that… Read more Jane Eyre Question 2

Jane Eyre Plot?

Question: Why is the “unwanted child” such a popular idea to write about? I feel as though this subject has been written time and time again. Although the idea is the same, the style in which they are written can vastly differ. Here are some of the examples I can think of off of the… Read more Jane Eyre Plot?