Transformative Justice in Othello

Prominent Transformative Justice advocate Mia Mingus defines Transformative Justice as, “Transformative Justice (TJ) is a political framework and approach for responding to violence, harm and abuse. At its most basic, it seeks to respond to violence without creating more violence and/or engaging in harm reduction to lessen the violence” (TJ, A Brief Description, 2020). It’s… Read more Transformative Justice in Othello

Project 2

Luke Harding Helms Rethinking Medieval Literature November 5, 2021 Using Things of Darkness to Analyze Themes of Race in Othello and American Moor Things of Darkness by Kim F. Hall introduces a number of racial analysis methods and themes that can be applied to a variety of works, particularly early British and Medieval literature such as… Read more Project 2

Bottles and Babes!

In recent years, many of my courses have either assigned or showcased “remixed” literature. When I was in High School, we watched a movie that took Romeo & Juliet and changed the setting from Shakespearian Era to Verona Beach. It really helped me understand Shakespeare’s original play at a deeper level. This is because I… Read more Bottles and Babes!

My Second Project: Coming in Like a Long Lost Child

Hi hello. This semester has been Very Weird, so here’s me second project (finally). “Rub Him About the Temples” by Justin Shaw illustrates the importance of something called “Care Work”, referenced briefly but carrying significant weight- especially now in times of racial tension and economic downturn. The author talks about the failure of Othello the… Read more My Second Project: Coming in Like a Long Lost Child