A project on Jane Eyre…and those around her.

Below is a game that I created about the book Jane Eyre based on jeopardy.

This game is letting the players show their knowledge, and of course, show my knowledge and analysis on some of the characters in Jane Eyre. The character slots are listed “Character 1”, “Character 2”, and so on so that the players would not know the characters immediately. It is the player’s job to guess which column belongs to which character. Each column contains actions or quotes of one character so that that character is grouped all together. The point of the game is for the readers to explain why the action or quote connects to the character and how it brings meaning to the book. Starting off with the first character in column one, we see a quote for the first question. The quote says

“When Mrs. Fairfax had bid me a kind goodnight, I remembered that after a day of bodily fatigue and mental anxiety, I was now at last in safe haven”.

This one was said by Jane Eyre, which the players could guess easily. The player would then said what the quote meant and why it had meaning to Jane Eyre’s life. This quote was said when Jane arrived her first night at Thornfield Hall, where she finally escaped her being trapped in Gateshead and Lowood all her life. She had a warm bed and room to comfort her for the first time in a while, and she got to explore another part of the world. This quote has meaning to the overall book because Jane is trying to find her independence throughout, and what the world means to her. She starts to find it when she arrives at Thornfield. The next box in Jane’s column says, determined to find independence which relates to the quote from the previous box. The players can explain different sections of the book where Jane seeks to find herself in the world, and who she truly is. The next box jumps over to Mr. Rochester, who comes in when Jane arrives at Thornfield. At this part in the book, Mr. Rochester becomes a key character in Jane’s life, as he is her love interest. She has never felt love or feelings or a man before this, so all of this was new to her.

Character #2’s first box says that she was Jane’s best friend at Lowood, which would be Helen. Although Helen was not a major character for that long into the book, she played a crucial part in her life and experience at Lowood, and helped her get through her beginning rough times at school. Helen helped Jane realize that there was more out in the world than just Lowood, and she motivated Jane to discover it by letting God lead her there. The next box describes more about what Helen did for Jane. Such as she gave Jane some bread when she got punished, and she gave Jane advice showing care and kindness for Jane’s wellbeing, which no one else wanted to do at school. the third box tells Helen’s personality toward Jane, and I think Helen was a role model for Jane as she was there for her before she passed away. After Helen died, we see that Jane makes it through school successfully, but without a friend by her side.

Character #3 is Mr. Rochester, as the first box states that this character falls in love with Jane. this was a major event in the story, so this box will be obvious for players. The second box says the personality traits that he shows throughout the book. We see that he is stern to Jane, especially when he is with her for the first few times he meets her. He also seems emotionless at the beginning with Jane, just by the way that he acts you would not be able to tell who he truly was. The third box says that Mr. Rochester has a secret, which is a crucial part of the story. Jane is unaware of this secret for a while in the book, and is suspicious of the people around her that obviously know about it, and is keeping it from her.

The 3rd character is Mrs. Fairfax, as I felt she was a great character to Jane in this book. She was a motherly character, compared to what Jane had before such as Mrs. Reed and the teachers in Lowood. All three of her boxes tell about who Mrs. Fairfax is to Jane, and how she has changed her life by giving her the governess job at Thornfield. This was the best opportunity for Jane, as she was able to escape the place she was in, to see another part of the world. Mrs. Fairfax seems to care about Jane, and lets her do as she pleases when she gets her duties done. She is kind, caring, and responsible for Adelle and Jane throughout the book.

All of these answers and explanations I wrote on the jeopardy boxes on the back, but I was only able to screenshot the front of the jeopardy card. Overall, I created this jeopardy card for players and myself to analyze the characters and their meaning in the book Jane Eyre.

Reflection: I am glad and satisfied with my project because I think that combining all of the character analysis into a paper would not have been a creative way to show my knowledge of the book. I have done my projects on jeopardy games before, and they have always worked out in showing my understanding of my topic. I also was super interested in the characters in Jane Eyre, because I feel that each one brought something different to the story, and each one had a different purpose. I was going to do my project on themes, but I feel that the characters were more fun to explain because I liked each character in their own ways. If I could fix my project in any way, it would be to be able to show the full jeopardy card, because I feel that the project’s incomplete with only the questions/prompts showing. Unfortunately, technology does not do everything in our favor, but I am satisfied and happy with how my last project turned out in the end. Overall, Jane Eyre has been my favorite book to read this semester so far, so I was excited to complete this project on the characters. I felt more passionate after finishing the book because it was a hard read to finish, so I felt accomplished afterward. I felt that more length to my project was not completely necessary, as I feel that I would have dragged on if I did so, which is why I kept it shorter. The jeopardy card picture kind of explains itself, so adding more length was difficult but I did my best. But my project is now complete, and so is this book!

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