11/29 Daily Question

For many things our senses dull may scape,
For they’re too gross to know each form and shape.

It Is Hard to Believe that there Are Other Worlds in this World.
by Margret Cavendish Lines 7-8

It is interesting to look at this quote, especialy looking at the content warning as if this one line had been expanded upon in that context the poem would be dramaticly different. We find it difficult to learn about new things at times, generaly due to our stubberness about changing our world views when confronting such infromation. It admits that we can’t always understand things and must explore them carefuly and it leads us in the modern day to view this as slightly ironic with the colonialist undertones of the rest of the poem. It makes you ponder about how colonilization was viewed by and explained to the public and the way common knowledge that they had effected this.

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