Cavendish Questions pt.2

After reading some of cavendish’s works I was thoroughly enthralled by how she was able to move from whimsy to science. How she could illustrate a scientific method one moment then talk about de-aging by eating rock gum. Makes me wonder on whether the reading was a way to either get people more interested in sciences or to explain science in a bewildering way to those inexperienced.

“In Crea-fishes and Lobsters, said they, we perceive but little blood; but in Crabs, Oysters, Cockles, &c. none at all. Then the Empress asked them, in what part of their Bodies that little blood did reside? They answered, in a small vein, which in Lobsters went through the middle of their tails, but in Crea-fishes was found in their backs: as for other sorts of Fishes, some, said they, had onely blood about their Gills, and others in some other places of their Bodies; but they had not as yet observed any whose veins did spread all over their Bodies. The Empress wondring that there could be living Animals without Blood, to be better satisfied, desired the Worm-men to inform her”


I found it particularly enthralling the variety of topics she was able to talk on.

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