Faerie Queene book 1, canto 9

Hey guys, once again its me. Always with the late blog posts. This one is written because I found it easier writing as I went along reading the Faerie Queen Book 1 Canto 9. I wanted to focus this post on Redcrosse and how he was traveling and come across a man and he’s hurt and has a noose around his neck… “About his neck an hempen rope he weares,” 187. I really wonder what is happening as I read more. Redcrosse goes up to the knight and the knight says nothing, but he stares at him in horror until he says that he should leave because something is following him. I wonder what is following him and if its just a danger to the knight of Redcrosse too. He says he was traveling with another knight and they met someone named despair.. “A man of hell, that cals himselfe Despaire:”239. who would trust anyone named despair? Well, this despair guy made things 100% worse and they lost hope entirely. He told them to kill themselves and gave the other knight a knife and the one Redcrosse found a rope. The first knight killed himself and then the other ran away in fear. This angers me. I don’t like how the despair guy seriously is forcing people to kill themselves so easily. When Redcrosse goes to try and kill this villain he also gets put under the spell and almost kills himself until Una comes and saves him. Despair is mad and hangs himself even though he can’t die till the end of the world. Maybe this is why he wanted everyone to die? Because he wants to die and is sick of the world. If everyone is dead that’s the end of the world? This was really hard to understand, and the words didn’t really make sense. The more I read the more I could piece things together, but I had to use spark notes and an English translation to truly understand it. After reading that all that I am interested in reading more.

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