Milton Book 2-3 Reflection

Throughout book 2 and 3 of Paradise Lost, we get to see a more in depth description of Pandemonium and Satan’s plans come into fruition. I also love how more and more characters are introduced. The idea that Sin and Death are Satan’s daughter and Son is intriguing. Is Sin portrayed as a female, because sinning is deemed as tempting, and seductive? Like how women are often portrayed, especially in this time period. And Death is male because the idea of death is so dominating, and harsh? I also never thought of the Characters Chaos, Night, Confusion, and Discord, to be directly related to Hell. Especially Confusion, I don’t think being confused directly relates to Hell or Satan, but I guess it can relate to making bad choices, like sinning. It’s sort of fun to picture all these characters in your brain, that you don’t usually picture all at once, sitting around a table and having a discussion. Also, not being a religious person whatsoever, it is interesting to read this in depth adaptation of how Heaven and Hell came to be. The idea that “Man” wasn’t even made yet, and Satan is already trying to find a way to stop it from happening, is something I never really thought of. 

This fantasy world reminds me in a weird way of Stranger Things. Sin and Death making the bridge from Hell to Earth to torment the spirits, reminds me of how the creatures of the upside down use Will as a vessel to know what’s happening in Hawkins, in order to cause further destruction.

“Tamely endured a bridge of wondrous length 

From Hell continued reaching th’ utmost orb

Of this frail world; by which the Spirits perverse

With easy intercourse pass to and fro

To tempt or punish morals, except whom

God and good angels guard by special grace.”

Milton, pg 51, Lines 1028-1033
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