Question 11/17

O fairest of Creation, last and best
Of all Gods works, Creature in whom excell’d
Whatever can to sight or thought be formd,
Holy, divine, good, amiable, or sweet!
How art thou lost, how on a sudden lost, 
Defac’t, deflourd, and now to Death devote?
Rather how hast thou yeelded to transgress
The strict forbiddance, how to violate
The sacred Fruit forbidd’n! som cursed fraud
Of Enemie hath beguil’d thee, yet unknown, 
And mee with thee hath ruind, for with thee
Certain my resolution is to Die;

Milton, Paradise Lost 9: 896-907

Adam thinks that the love between him and Eve is lost, he decides to eat the fruit to be with her in death, to find that love lost. They fall asleep and wake up filled with lust, worry, shame, guilt. For the first time they feel the need to cover up. They are intimate in a way that is more violent than it ever has been before. They fight and blame each other for the first time ever. Without the tree of knowledge free will doesn’t exist. They could have lived in divine bliss for eternity. Now they must endure all of the hardships of existence including death. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Eve (or if not Eve, Adam) didn’t take the fruit. How do you think Adam felt before deciding to eat the apple? Do we think he saw it as an act of love for Eve versus rebellion and sin from God?

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