Final Project 2


I was having trouble finding an unessay route. With some research, I landed on a website called CreateDreamExplore, which offered ideas in what to do for a novel study. I finally chose to do an interview where Sin is applying for an unspecified job.  Last project, I did something of similar nature where I took my business minor background and combined it with (hopefully) comedic, creative writing. 

As of recent, I have been undergoing a lot of interviews to make sure that I have a job after I graduate. I know a lot of seniors are facing the same pressure. I thought about what some interviewers are looking for—the relevant experience, the charisma, a good answer to the dreaded “tell me about yourself”, etc. I felt that Sin would not have a lot of experience (I think I only saw her in one book of Milton’s Paradise Lost) for a job, being in the underworld for so long, I also did not think she would have that charisma. But, I did feel like she would have a good answer for the ‘tell me about yourself’ question that showed who she was, what she has been through and the grit she must have as a woman.

I also recently have binge watching Shameless. There is a point in time where Fiona Gallagher had recently been convicted of a crime and she goes to an interview which goes well right up until the point where she has to fill out a form asking if she has ever been convicted of a crime. The interviewer assumes that she had never been convicted of a crime or never had a criminal record. Once the interviewer has this knowledge, she ends the interview rather quickly saying, “we’ll be in touch”. This video cannot be found on YouTube through I wanted to have it connected to this as a contemporary source for my project. If you want to see the clip, it is season 4 episode 9 00:14:11-00:15:23.

Fiona goes to an interview after being convicted of a felony.

While drafting this unessay, I also kept in mind the movie Interview With a Vampire with Brad Pitt. If you’ve seen the movie, it’s an interview about a vampire from the 18th century telling his story for a biographer. The interviewer asks him a basic question and it’s almost like Brad Pitt or Louis in the movie goes off on this tangent of his life story. I incorporated this into my unessay where the interviewer asks Sin to tell him about herself and she goes into the nitty gritty instead of what might be a socially acceptable answer in an interview.

Even while I had a lot of fun doing this project, I felt I couldn’t answer the question of “why is this important?” and “why is this relevant?”. But as I previously mentioned, a lot of us are going into these interviews in a state on panic where we feel like we might not be able to answer the questions or be liked by the interview panel, etc. Take a breath guys. You might not be the best fit for one job but you might be the perfect fit for another one.


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Sin’s Resume & Applicant Preliminary Interview


Address: Hell, Email: N/A, Phone: N/A


Employer: God

Role: Guardian of Hell’s Gates

Tasks: instructed by God to hold key and keep gates forever shut so none could pass.



Awards and Acknowledgments:

  • Had a son while keeping guard of the key that unlocks the gates of hell
  • Satan’s daughter and lover 
  • Opened the gates of hell for Satan and demons to reach Earth



[Interviewer]: So…Sin. I’m not seeing a last name. What’s your last name?

[Sin]: I don’t have one.

[Interviewer]: Okay…your resume shows that you don’t have an email address or a phone listed but you listed your home address as ‘Hell’. Are you saying that’s where you’re from?

[Sin]: That’s right. 

[Interviewer]: Right… So, tell me about yourself. Who is sin?

[Sin]: I was born out of the left side of my father, Satan’s, head. I was created perfectly out of his image. I bore Satan a son, Death. And when the war broke out between Satan and God, I fell to Hell where I guarded the gates of hell. Death was a shadowy creature who tore my intestines while trying to crawl out from my womb which is why I have this snake bottom. He raped me and in turn, I bore more offspring. Satan convinced me to open the gates of hell for him and I did so, in hopes that I would be his daughter and darling for eternity.

[Interviewer]: Ahem. Okay, moving on. Well actually, let’s go back to something you said. “Guard the gates of hell”. Can you tell me more about that? What were you preventing from entering “hell”?

[Sin]: Man from coming in. Devils, demons and other creatures from leaving. Death helps. God gave me the job of gatekeeper, but when I realized that he had banished me to hell, I opened it and decided to serve Satan only. But I did not hold the power to close it. So, the devils fled to Earth, unregulated, to wreck havoc and claim it as theirs, conquering Man first.

[Interviewer]: Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

[Sin]: No, not convicted.

[Interviewer]: Okay! Do you have any projects or experience that you’re proud of?

[Sin]: Yes.

[Interviewer]: Great! What is it?

[Sin]: Guardian of Hell’s gates.

[Interviewer]: Enough, if you’re not gonna take this job seriously, just leave. 

[Sin]: I am taking it seriously. 

[Interviewer]: Good. Why should we hire you?

[Sin]: I’ve guarded the gates of Hell and I can guard the register..?

Interview notes:

Candidate thinks she is Satan’s daughter and lover.

Candidate says she has guarded the gates of hell.

Candidate is NOT a good fit for the job.


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