I’m Worthy

Walking through the gates of the kingdom, 

A husband and wife make their way to 

The celebration of King Arthur’s knights.  

Returning home from battle to join 

Their master, by his side at the Round Table 

Once again. 

Passing through the thick crowd, 

The couple bumps into two of the knights. 

Getting the unlucky attention of the superior soldier. 

“Damn, that’s one fine looking hoe!  

Maybe I should add her to my trophies. 

She’d make a nice obedient slave.” 

Raged filled and seeing only red, 

Her husband pounces on the knight 

Ready to defend his wife’s honor. 

But alas, his efforts were in vain. 

For the knight beat him mercilessly 

To death for his crime of 

Disgracing a man of noble status. 

Crying, the wife drops down beside her 

Motionless husband and holds him tight.   

“He got what he deserved for stepping out 

Of line. That’ll show you peasants who’s boss.” 

Disgusted by his comrade’s behavior, the  

Younger knight looks down on him. 

“Are you serious? You just kill 

Someone’s husband for no reason. 

Show a little more respect for  

Those we protect.”  

His comrade shot him a dirty  

Look before storming off. 

“Can I help you, milady?” 

The wife stopped crying. 

“You’re not like the rest.” 

“No, I’m not.  But neither are you.” 

The wife smiled. 

“I can help you become a knight.” 

“Why would you do that for me?” 

“Because no one should be treated like that.” 

“But why me?” 

“Because your more knight than 

Any of us.” 

After months of training, 

The wife surpassed the 

Superior knight.  Aware 

Of this, King Arthur gives 

Her, his seat at the  

Round Table. Making 

Her one of his 

Personal knights. 

Work Cited: Google Images

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  1. Ooh I love this! I like the inclusion of the images and the way you broke up the lines, and your storytelling too. Also, the way most of it sounds very poetic but then you incorporated some more modern speech in the dialogue- I chuckled out loud at “Damn, that’s one fine looking hoe!”

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