Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost: The movie

Paradise lost written by John Milton was first published in 1667. Paradise lost tells the story of Genesis. The story revolves around a few main characters being Satan, God, The Son, Adam, and Eve. It was evident from the first reading for class that this book was a mouthful, but we worked away at it piece by piece until we had mutual understandings from the in-class discussion. I knew for the final project I wanted to do something with paradise lost but what exactly was still up in the air…

“The mind is its own place, and in itself

Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.”

-Narrator, Book I.

I inserted this quote right in the beginning here because I feel as if it was a good setup for the overall essence of the story we get.

Along with professor Helm’s class, I took a film studies course this semester called “The Filmmakers Vision” taught by Professor Paul Rogalous. Over the course of the semester, we learned many valuable things about film from casting to types of directing and even down to the nitty-gritty editing tactics. While still trying to come up with an idea for my final project I thought it would be a good idea to look to my classmate’s ideas for inspiration. While looking around I found one student created a casting list for Paradise Lost. I thought this was a brilliant idea and thought it would be fun to take my own whack it. I reached out to Professor Helms, where I received the “okay but…”, that I needed to add my own twist to the project. So, here’s my casting list for Paradise lost with my special twist on it!

First I created a bulleted list for each character of traits that I thought shined bright through them…


  • Flirtatious
  • Intense
  • Unapproachable
  • Aery


  • Complex
  • Intelligent
  • Intense
  • Gentle

The Son:

  • Knowledgeable


  • Young
  • Handsome
  • Mysterious
  • Free Spirited


  • Young
  • Beautiful
  • Emotional
  • Free spirited


  • Ian Somerhalder

I picture Ian Somerhalder playing an amazing role as Satan. Years ago, I used to watch the show the Vampire Diaries. He played an evil vampire on this show that was always causing problems and gave no disregard for anything but himself and what he wanted. His character was such a strong role there I think he could play a great strong, intense, and flirtatious Satan as he already has had great practice in portraying those traits.

“How dearly I abide that boast so vain Under what torments I inwardly groan, While they adore me on the throne of hell.”

-Satan, Book IV.

I chose to use this quote (which for my movie it would be a line technically) because I can see Somerhalder pronouncing this with great force and power but drawing in everyone around him.


Morgan Freeman

I chose Morgan Freeman to play the role of God for my movie. I have seen him many times before play-wise, gentle but strong, independent roles. Fun fact he did in fact even play the role of God himself before in Bruce Almighty, with Jim Carrey. That movie is a comedy but I still think with the right amount of effort for this role he is a perfect choice.

“And now Through all restraint broke loose, he wings his way Not far off heaven, in the precincts of light, Directly towards the new created world. And man there plac’d; with purpose to assay If him by force he can destroy, or worse, By some false guile pervert: and shall pervert; For man will hearken to his glozing lies, And easily transgress his sole command, Sole pledge of his obedience: so will fall[.]”

-God, Book 3

I chose to use this quote (which for my movie it would be a line technically) because I can see Freeman having a little monologue scene pronouncing this with great emotions and you can see the hardship on his face.

The Son

  • Michael Cera

I chose Michael Cera for the role of the son because I just think he would look well and fit well in that role. The son is known for being very knowledgeable, but he still has his childlike characteristics. In every movie, I’ve seen Cera in he always seems to play someone with a bubbly personality but at the same time is still very intelligent.

“Behold me then, me for him, life for life I offer; on me let thine anger fall; Account me man: I for his sake will leave Thy bosom, and this glory next to thee Freely put off, and for him lastly ide Well pleas’d: on me let death wreak all his rage”

-The Son, Book 3

I chose to use this quote (which for my movie it would be a line technically) because I can see him hopping on top of something and causing a scene to get this point across to his listeners at the exact moment in time.


  • Dylan O’Brien

I chose Dylan O’Brien for the role of Adam. The role of Adam needs a Strong and handsome young man. Personally, I think he fits the description well. I think he would do a great job playing the mysterious and free-spirited role of Adam.

“Our state cannot be sever’d, we are one, one flesh; to lose thee were to lose myself.”

-Adam, Book IX.

I chose to use this quote (which for my movie it would be a line technically) because he’s known for being young and handsome. I think him saying this one line with a serious undertone but a type of flirtatious look in his eyes when he looks up and speaks. It’s good because it’s a short and right to the punch line,


-Chloe Grace

I chose Chloe Grace for the role of Eve because I feel as if she gives off a sense of purity. Not knowing much, myself about the story of Adam and Eve before much reading this interpretation, have always just pictured Eve blonde haired and blue-eyed, which she has both. Also, she has a very youthful look. I have seen her in tons of other films truly being able to connect to her emotions so I think she would make a great connection in the role of Eve.

“Pleas’d it return’d as soon; with answering looks Of sympathy and love: there I had fixt Mine eyes till now, and pin’d with vain desire.”

-Eve, Book IV.

“God is thy law, thou mine; to know no more Is woman’s happiest knowledge and her praise.”

-Eve, Book IV.

I chose to use these quotes (which for my movie it would be lines technically) because I think they show how she would speak innocently and highly of herself and women. These talked about sympathy, love, and a women’s happiest knowledge I can see her saying these with tears forming in her eyes over her innocence.

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