The One With a Comic Strip: Spenser’s Faerie Queen Characters

Pictured: Faerie Queen, Redcrosse Knight, Una, Duessa, Archimago, and Satyrane. Audio reflection is embedded within image.

I had SO much fun with this unessay project! I don’t think I would believe myself it I told Freshman year, English major, Delaney that I would be doing a comic strip for a project Senior year. As discussed in my audio reflection, there were a few critical decisions I made within each panel of this comic strip whether purposeful or not. I say that because I used a free software/website called “Storyboard That” and there were some restrictions having to do with background, character design, and how much speech bubbles I could use. It was a fun challenge though, because it made me think just a tad further than I did going into the project. I got a chuckle out of a couple things that I couldn’t do: the Redcrosse Knight doesn’t have a redcross, and Duessa is in front of a cave….There’s a reason 😉 I hope you all enjoy this project, I know I did!

I answered it a little in my reflection, but the question “why does literature matter?”. In relation to my project, I felt as though literature matters because I can literally make a comic strip for a project! Simple as that. There are SO many ways to portray literature, there are basically no limitations if one thinks of something they can do…then do it! I discussed in my reflection that it is so important to realize that English & literature doesn’t have limitations to what people and things that can be done within that major and focus. Sure, it’s incredibly fun to do a traditional essay, but sometimes it worth spreading ones wings and doing an unessay every now and then.

One thought on “The One With a Comic Strip: Spenser’s Faerie Queen Characters

  1. This is awesome! I think that creating comic strips is a great way to think about literature and to really examine important themes, symbols, characters, etc., because you can only add so much. Its definitely something I want to incorporate in my classroom with my future students! You mention the limitations of the software you used, and how it made you laugh because of the things you couldn’t add. I think that, without really noticing, this might lead you to think more about what you are creating, asking yourself why you are adding something, why it is important, what meaning it has, etc., interacting with the text further. Thanks for sharing this project, I love the idea and what you created!

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