Time and Memory

Wide Sargasso Sea was overall a really enjoyable read, I liked being able to see Antoinette/Bertha’s perspective and it was nice to know a little bit more of her background. This novel made me disagree and despise Rochester more than I did in Jane Eyre. Near the end of the novel we see Antoinette, now… Read more Time and Memory

The symbol of fire

Of course Wide Sargasso Sea has to do with Antoinette (Bertha) Mason and Mr. Edward Rochester, which is why I am going to connect Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea. Through both of these stories fire seems to be a symbol that we just keep seeing. In Jane Eyre we see Bertha lighting a fire… Read more The symbol of fire

bmb1502 project

I want to talk more about bmb’s project. I though this was an extremely interesting take on Frankenstein and it instantly had me drawn in. If any of you haven’t checked out this project I really think you should. They connected tarot cards to different character in the book and it was a really cool… Read more bmb1502 project

Karma, am I Right?

In the second half of the story we learn about everything that the monster went through, everything he learned and experienced. When he learned about the world and how everything worked he wondered about his mother and father, he wanted to know how he was created. He had stolen the notes that Victor had written… Read more Karma, am I Right?

The pretty present

I’m never really one to read classics and after everything I had heard about Frankenstein, I never felt the interest until I started. I can genuinely say I am enjoying this book greatly. This book holds such powerful meanings about how a monster might not actually be the monster and how a person could be… Read more The pretty present