! Content warning: physical violence, bullying, profanity, and losing a loved one ! Part 1 I still remember how it felt. Rage boiling inside me and rising to the surface. Every inch of me buzzing and alive, anger pumping my body with adrenaline. It felt as though my insides were on fire. A deep ache… Read more Invisible


!! Content warning: physical violence, vehicular homicide, and profanity !! Brennan Mallory |  May 22nd  |  5:49 pm I cried on the couch, still clutching the phone. Thana’s words reverberated off the inner walls of my brain and mocked my sorrow. “I never want to look at your pathetic face ever again. You disgust me,”… Read more Wretched

Challenging Enlightenment Principles

Mary Shelley was a daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, a female rights activist during the Enlightenment. Wollstonecraft was a supporter of Enlightenment ideals and principles, and she was also an activist for the education of women and girls. Enlightenment advocates were passionate about freedom and expression of the individual as well as the furthering of scientific… Read more Challenging Enlightenment Principles

Hamlet versus Ophelia: Their Different States of Mind

The ghost of Hamlet’s father appears before Hamlet and tells him that his uncle Claudius murdered his father. Not only that, but Hamlet’s mother married Claudius soon after her husband died. She married the murderer of her own husband, the man who killed Hamlet’s father. Hamlet is overcome by grief, anguish, and horror at what… Read more Hamlet versus Ophelia: Their Different States of Mind