My Second Project: Coming in Like a Long Lost Child

Hi hello. This semester has been Very Weird, so here’s me second project (finally). “Rub Him About the Temples” by Justin Shaw illustrates the importance of something called “Care Work”, referenced briefly but carrying significant weight- especially now in times of racial tension and economic downturn. The author talks about the failure of Othello the… Read more My Second Project: Coming in Like a Long Lost Child

Thesis Pieces (tm Don’t Sue Me)

This essay works in two synchronous parts: one cross-referencing Jeffrey Cohen’s Seven Theses of monster culture with monsters from Beowulf and Marie de France’s “Bisclavret”, and two: assessing Cohen’s essay as an effective framework for digesting the presence and presentation of monsters universally. For this to work, each creature must be set against each thesis;… Read more Thesis Pieces (tm Don’t Sue Me)


I’m gonna reflect on the Black Death piece we read this week because it makes a lot of points that I think are fascinating (and Very Yikes). Since COVID started it seems like everyone is drawing comparisons between past pandemics and the current one. As we approach 200k deaths, it’s hard to imagine the whole… Read more P L A G U E