Jane Eyre Palm Reading

An inspiration I had for doing this project was the scene in Jane Eyre where Mr. Rochester disguises himself as a “gipsy” and reads the fortunes of the young, single women present in the house. One method described for this was palm reading and I wanted to research it more and apply it to the… Read more Jane Eyre Palm Reading

Comparing Moths

“A large moth, so large that I thought it was a bird, blundered into one of the candles, put it out and fell to the floor. ‘He’s a big fellow,’ I said.‘Is it badly burned?’‘More stunned than hurt.’I took the beautiful creature up in my handkerchief and put it on the railing. For a moment… Read more Comparing Moths

A Warning?

At first when I read the scene where Jane is describing her “nightmare” about a vampire to Rochester, I didn’t think much of it. But now that we know that Rochester’s wife, Bertha Mason, was the woman who entered Jane’s room, I began to think about it differently. “Sir, it removed my veil from its… Read more A Warning?

The Second Creature

As I’ve come to find out, there’s apparently a Frankenstein manga made by Junji Ito, who is known for his unsettling horror works. It has some interesting differences from the original story, mainly regarding the companion that Frankenstein was going to make for his creation. In the manga, he actually succeeds in creating her but… Read more The Second Creature

Garden to Garden

Similarities Knowledge and the Sun “And higher then that Wall a circling row Of goodliest Trees loaden with fairest Fruit, Blossoms and Fruits at once of golden hue Appeerd, with gay enameld colours mixt: On which the Sun more glad impress’d his beams   (Book 4, lines 146-150).”  ——— “The brain a garden seems, full of delight, Whereon the sun of knowledge shineth bright  (lines 1-2).”  Both Milton and Cavendish touch… Read more Garden to Garden