Hazel and Honeysuckle

For my reflections post, I wanted to do a follow-up on my questions post (that I accidentally forgot to publish so it’s kinda late) and the discussion that we had in class Wednesday. A lot of medieval and Renaissance literature is inspired by mythology and folklore, because science hadn’t really taken off yet so the… Read more Hazel and Honeysuckle

The Era of Courtly Love

Marie de France is a really interesting writer for me. She lived in the beginning of the era of courtly love, which has some pros, but also a million cons. This was the era in which the awful treatment of women (and by extension, literally anyone in a relationship) was just starting to become “mainstream”… Read more The Era of Courtly Love

Bisclavret and His Lady

I think an interesting question for Bisclavret is why does the king treat a monster better than the monster’s wife treats him? Wow, it’s almost like appearance isn’t everything! The way that the Bisclavret is portrayed in werewolf form is pretty vague, but I assumed that he just looked like a large wolf because he’s… Read more Bisclavret and His Lady