Milton Book 3

This is more of a several questions for one answer. Why are some words written with an uppercase when I’d assume that pronouns, mainly those describing god, are lowercased? Why are some words spelled with a “‘t” and some with a “’d”? And why are some of the words spelled with a “ie” rather than… Read more Milton Book 3

Milton Book 1

Are the Angels of Punishment, Archangel or otherwise, still on god’s side or did they defect to Lucifer’s side? This is less about the text in this book and more about what I remember from random bits of information gathered through the years. Only a few angels are listed by name but none of them… Read more Milton Book 1


Does Despaire represent depression? Despair in itself is quite disheartening in itself and it is a large part of depression. The things that Despaire was saying to the Redcrosse knight is similar to what someone with suicidal ideations might be telling themselves. The description of Despaire just sounds like how an incredibly depressed person generally… Read more Struggles

Like, IDK Dude

Why does Chevrefoil read like Romeo and Juliet? What is it with stories that have Romeo and Juliet plotlines? It just sounds so stupid and overworked when you read them one after another. In a poem as short as Chevrefoil, it is a bland sort of story that lasts like two seconds in my head.… Read more Like, IDK Dude