Misogyny in Hamlet

Everyone who has read William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, knows that Hamlet treated the women in his life very poorly, even his own mother, the woman that raised him. In the beginning of the play, I understand where his frustration is coming from and why he is so angry with his mother. Almost two months has passed… Read more Misogyny in Hamlet

Shit, am I Ella Mason?

I think I am going to become like Ella Mason. An old woman with eleven animals but not cats. I refuse to have cats, they are always plotting and scheming. I simply would not give it a second thought if I saw or heard my neighbors talking about how I am completely bat shit crazy.… Read more Shit, am I Ella Mason?


When I started reading this poem by Percy Bysshe, I immediately thought of “The Alchemist” by Pablo Coelho (might have spelled that wrong). The narrator talks about meeting a traveler in the desert and that is exactly what the Shepard did throughout the story until he fell in love and wanted to stay with her.… Read more Ozymandias