Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost: The movie Paradise lost written by John Milton was first published in 1667. Paradise lost tells the story of Genesis. The story revolves around a few main characters being Satan, God, The Son, Adam, and Eve. It was evident from the first reading for class that this book was a mouthful, but we… Read more Paradise Lost

A Blazing World

A Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish was a very intriguing piece of work to read and analyze. A blazing world is filled with the thoughts, creativity, and imagination of Cavendish herself. She was known for having very different views and ideas as to how things she thought should be. The more I researched this piece,… Read more A Blazing World

Andrew Marvell

For this blog post, I read an article off of the poetry foundations website. The article in particular is all about Andrew Marvell (1621-1678). After reading this article I learned this about this brilliant man I never had known before. Andrew Marvell, a talented young man, known for being the fitting symbol of England’s transformation… Read more Andrew Marvell

Othello wrap up

When I got to the very end of Othello I was shocked but also I was expecting more I guess? Well, first off, I was not expecting Desdemona to take her own life. Obviously, we knew her relationship with Othello would never really be the same again because of Iago’s games he played. He set… Read more Othello wrap up

Lanval Thoughts

While reading Lanval for homework and after discussing it thoroughly in class it was obvious to at least me that throughout the entire reading of Lanval that the writer had made the story have a woman of power theme instead of the typical male power role we often see. Throughout the reading we see women… Read more Lanval Thoughts