Frankenstein Questions

What does Victor think about Humanity? I always wondered what was going on in Victor Frankenstein’s head. He believed that he could be a god by creating man, but is it really a man? Or is it soul? I want to know what Victor thinks of humanity, of souls, of thoughts and ideas. To Victor,… Read more Frankenstein Questions

Jane Eyre Reflection

Jane Eyre is an important text to really deconstruct what feminism was in the Victorian era. I think from reading it I questioned the feminism aspect throughout and wondered what it meant to Jane herself. As a woman in 2021, feminism is a lot different from Jane’s perspective in the 1840s. We focus on equality… Read more Jane Eyre Reflection

Wide Sargasso Sea Questions

Was the fire at the beginning of Wide Sargasso sea, a foreshadowing of Antoinette as Bertha in Jane Eyre, burning down Rochester’s home?  Reading Wide Sargasso Sea, as soon as Antoinette had to flee her home from the fire after the protests, my mind immediately went to when she burned down her own home in… Read more Wide Sargasso Sea Questions

Jane Eyre… Hmm…

Why chose Rochester?  Jane explained to St. John, that she could not marry without love. If this is the case, why chose Rochester, who attempted to trick you into marriage when he was already married, vs. someone who truly wants her and to be with her. Jane says she can’t marry without love, but does… Read more Jane Eyre… Hmm…

Tony Stark vs. Victor Frankenstein and the Savior Complex

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is a text that is commonly taught in high school and college courses, but the ability to pick out the similarities taken from it and injected into our modern-day literature is something to commend. Frankenstein follows many aspects, the Savior Complex, Man and God, Antireligion, and unreliable narrators, all of which connect… Read more Tony Stark vs. Victor Frankenstein and the Savior Complex

Playing God

In class we discussed the idea that Victor enjoys playing God. Some things we didn’t discuss in class that I thought was interesting was the aspect of his mothers death and his fear for Elizabeth’s death as well. Only now do I realize that Victor’s entire want and desire to create life, is not even… Read more Playing God