Reflections On Beowulf

I really enjoy attending class and hearing so many different perspectives about the text that I wouldn’t have originally thought. I find this reading to be difficult not in terms of understanding bit rather staying focused and on track. I caught myself everyone once in a while slipping from the text and drifting off, but… Read more Reflections On Beowulf


My first question resonates with the reading of The Wife’s Lament. Towards the ending, it references the exile under the oak tree, which leads me to wonder, what is the importance of the oak tree? Looking further into the reading, I was well aware of the religious aspects of the writing, and what caught my… Read more Perspective

Another Lovegood

If I could be any fictional character I would choose Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. I relate to her character more so than any character because of her peculiarity, as well as being able to relate to others and expand their points of view through finding common ground. Being friendly, open-minded, and having… Read more Another Lovegood