The Blazing World

Margaret Cavendish was a female author in a time where most women used male names to write. The Blazing World is a work of fiction where the power is in the hands of one women ruling over numerous half-beast men. But more then that The Blazing World is a commentary on the continued monarchy in… Read more The Blazing World

Similizing the Brain to a Garden

1The brain a garden seems, full of delight,2Whereon3 the sun of knowledge shineth bright,Where fancy flows, and runs in bubbling streams,Where flowers grow4 upon the banks of dreams,Whereon the dew of sleepy eyes doth fall,                            5Bathing each leaf, and every flower small.There5 various thoughts as several flowers grow:Some milk-white innocence, as6 lilies, show,Fancies, as painted tulips’7 colors fixt,By Nature’s pencil… Read more Similizing the Brain to a Garden

Woke Literature

The King, and not I: Refusing neutrality is a fantastic article and it points out something that many people seem to gloss over. White men have been the ones who played in all the Shakespeare roles. Theatre wasn’t a suitable occupation for those of the female persuasion. For  Lloyd Evans “these ‘new’ interpretations prevent audiences… Read more Woke Literature


Speaking of grudges: out there in the dark, one waited. He listened, holding himself hard to home, but he’d been lonely too long, brotherless, sludge-stranded. Now he heard and endured   the din of drinkers. Their poetry poisoned his peace. Every night, turmoil: raucous laughter from Heorot, howling of harps, squawking of scops. Headley, Maria Dahvana.… Read more Grendel

Monster Theory

Monsters must be examined within the intricate matrix of relations (social, cultural, and literary ­historical) that generate them. Growing up watching Disney the villains are obvious. The Evil Stepmother and her two terrible daughters, the evil Jafar, A witch tricking the innocent mermaid. There are no shades of grey. One of the first things that… Read more Monster Theory

Iago, not just a Parrot

My project: I chose the drama masks to represent Iago’s two-faced nature. The black and white were chosen because of the racial bias Iago shows in regards to Othello. The text is green because jealousy is often associated with green. Since the dawn of humanity, there has been a never-ending search for a reason for… Read more Iago, not just a Parrot


Bro is the first word I see when I started reading this translation and it put into my mind that stereotypical frat boy that often appears in media. This translation is not what I was expecting when Beowulf was on the required texts list. It reads like an accounting of some dude-bros adventures, triumphing against… Read more Bro!