Final Project – Pandemonium Minecraft Build

For my final project, I’ve decided to create Pandemonium, the city of demons, from Milton’s Paradise Lost, in Minecraft. I’ve also written a piece about how I see Pandemonium as an inverse of Heaven, which you can find here: Now, this build hasn’t been easy, and I’ve had to take a few creative liberties.… Read more Final Project – Pandemonium Minecraft Build

Heorot Project

For my project, I’ve created Heorot from Beowulf in Minecraft, and I’ve written a bit about hospitality in Beowulf to go along with it, as follows: Hospitality, as we see it in Beowulf, seems to largely involve parties. Naturally, there‚Äôs a reason for this. Hrothgar, the king, gives wealth to his subjects and honor to… Read more Heorot Project