Beowulf, by Anonymous [CN: ableism, graphic violence]

A brand new feminist translation by Maria Dahvana Headley.

Side-by-side edition, translated and edited by Benjamin Slade

Parallel translations of key moments, compiled by Syd Allan

The Wanderer” and “The Wife’s Lament,” by Anonymous, translated by Aaron Hostetter

Dorothy Kim’s ‘The Question of Race in Beowulf

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)“, in Classic Readings on Monster Theory : Demonstrare, Volume One. Edited by Asa Simon Mittman and Marcus Hensel. Arc Humanities Press, 2018. [CN: ableism]

Optional Readings

Toni Morrison’s “Grendel and his Mother” from The Source of Self-Regard (2019)

Article on Nonbinary Viking Burials

Dorothy Kim’s White Supremacists Have Weaponized an Imaginary Viking Past. It’s Time to Reclaim the Real History

PBS documentary “Secrets of the Dead Viking Warrior Queen”