The Reuniting

For a first project, I decided to transform a scene from “Chevrefoil” into a comic strip. I specifically, used the stanzas, In the woods she finds that man whoLoves her more than any other. They show their joy, to be together– He can talk to her at leisure,She speaks to him all her pleasure. Then she outlines every… Read more The Reuniting


Bisclavret tackles an issue that was revolutionary for its time.  This is story was about a werewolf who was betrayed by his wife but it is deeper than that, it actually tackles a relationship between Bisclavret and the King. At face value, you may just assume they are just good friends but there is a hidden… Read more Bisclavret

Beowulf Found Poem

“When war assaults praise-worthy actions must honor his comrades, himself wielded, and the well loved land-prince Long did rule them. With weapons of warfare, weeds for the battle, Many a jewel with him must travel And favors no fewer they furnished Lone on the main, a gold-fashioned standard sad was their spirit, Their mood very… Read more Beowulf Found Poem

Thesis Pieces (tm Don’t Sue Me)

This essay works in two synchronous parts: one cross-referencing Jeffrey Cohen’s Seven Theses of monster culture with monsters from Beowulf and Marie de France’s “Bisclavret”, and two: assessing Cohen’s essay as an effective framework for digesting the presence and presentation of monsters universally. For this to work, each creature must be set against each thesis;… Read more Thesis Pieces (tm Don’t Sue Me)

first project (poetic tales of loyalty)

Medieval tales of loyal knights arise from a society based on trust Kingdoms based on feudalism and unjust Chivalry  The code of the medieval warrior Honor valor courtesy and loyalty Helped them stay in lineIndividuality died distribution of power starting with a kingNobles granted land But here’s the thingTheir military must devote their livesFor royal bloodlines… Read more first project (poetic tales of loyalty)