Speaking of grudges: out there in the dark, one waited. He listened, holding himself hard to home, but he’d been lonely too long, brotherless, sludge-stranded. Now he heard and endured   the din of drinkers. Their poetry poisoned his peace. Every night, turmoil: raucous laughter from Heorot, howling of harps, squawking of scops. Headley, Maria Dahvana.… Read more Grendel

Kill Your Iago

By Grace Avery Everyone loves a good scheme, a quick look at popular television is enough to see that. Entire franchises are built on plots, manipulate and the deception of others. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Crown, Peaky Blinders, You, The Great, and even shows like Supernatural and Scooby Doo dramatize manipulation into an… Read more Kill Your Iago

Beowulf in Three Monologues

For my unessay, I chose to perform three pieces of text from Beowulf as monologues. I also chose to record a video explaining my choices! The link to the youtube playlist is below!

Beowulf: Life Coach

For my unessay, I imagined a world in which Beowulf took to the internet to impart his wisdom on unsuspecting masses, as a life coach. What better way to draw vulnerable populations to him! To advertise himself and attempt to gather new clientele, I designed the beginnings of Beowulf’s Life Coach website.  After viewing around… Read more Beowulf: Life Coach

The Mysterious Bisclavret and His King (a potential manga adaptation – unessay 1)

The Mysterious Bisclavret and His King Prologue There once was a beautiful man who lived a happy life. None know his name, so we shall call him Bisclavret, the French name for “werewolf.” He was a knight and lord, well loved by the kingdom and his wife. This kingdom had problems, like most kingdoms, but… Read more The Mysterious Bisclavret and His King (a potential manga adaptation – unessay 1)