Project 2

Antoinette Cosway is a remarkable character in both Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea. She doesn’t have a lot of time in the book Jane Eyre, but the role she plays is super important–it’s actually why Jean Rhys decided to give her a little bit of backstory. She played such a great role but no… Read more Project 2

Second Project-Unessay

Introduction: Throughout all the texts we have read in this class, most share a common theme: women in captivity, mentally and physically. In this I will provide quotes from a few different modern British literature texts we have read in class that represent this common theme. I will then follow it with an explanation, including… Read more Second Project-Unessay

Howard vs Terrence 

In the novel “Mexican Gothic” the premise of the plot deals with themes of manipulation, greed and betrayal through means of fungal ingestion/poisoning. Tropes of death and rebirth both follow these characters throughout, Symbolizing humanity’s own relationship and co-dependency with the very matter our own earth is made from. This story shows many life lessons… Read more Howard vs Terrence 

Excerpts from H. Doyle

By Gabriel McSherry Note: After High Place burned to the ground, Francis decided to return and search the wreckage for any surviving traces of darkness left behind. In his search he stumbled across a small metal safe which carved in the side read: PROPERTY OF HOWARD DOYLE. He brought it down to the nearest blacksmith… Read more Excerpts from H. Doyle

Manipulation in Romance

Justin Levesque 4/28/2022 British literature Manipulation of Romance             In British literature, there are many different types of relationships that we read about. This could be humans and monsters, family, and even relationships between enemies. Most of these texts also have romantic relationships that get heavily focused on. When they are seen or read, they… Read more Manipulation in Romance