Another Frankenstein Post

As Science keeps progressing Frankenstein is really interesting because of how it deals with mortality and the thirst for knowledge. Every human throughout their life has thought about their own mortality, and they have thought of how to avoid or reverse it. What I really like about this novel is Victory, even though he is… Read more Another Frankenstein Post

Hamlet as a Ruler

A what if type of question that I have always thought of was would Hamlet have been a good king? If Hamlet were not truly mad then I think as a possibility he could be a good leader purely on the basis that he is not insane. If Hamlet was truly made throughout the story,… Read more Hamlet as a Ruler

Frankenstein Questions

What does Victor think about Humanity? I always wondered what was going on in Victor Frankenstein’s head. He believed that he could be a god by creating man, but is it really a man? Or is it soul? I want to know what Victor thinks of humanity, of souls, of thoughts and ideas. To Victor,… Read more Frankenstein Questions