Bottles and Babes!

In recent years, many of my courses have either assigned or showcased “remixed” literature. When I was in High School, we watched a movie that took Romeo & Juliet and changed the setting from Shakespearian Era to Verona Beach. It really helped me understand Shakespeare’s original play at a deeper level. This is because I… Read more Bottles and Babes!

From Stella

For my second project, I decided to write a sonnet inspired by Sir Philip Sydney’s series of sonnets, “Astrophil and Stella”. In this poems, Astrophil seems to take a strong liking, possible obsession towards Stella. However, through the poems, it comes across as he is only interested in her physical appearance, rather than who she… Read more From Stella

My Second Project: Coming in Like a Long Lost Child

Hi hello. This semester has been Very Weird, so here’s me second project (finally). “Rub Him About the Temples” by Justin Shaw illustrates the importance of something called “Care Work”, referenced briefly but carrying significant weight- especially now in times of racial tension and economic downturn. The author talks about the failure of Othello the… Read more My Second Project: Coming in Like a Long Lost Child

Avid, for Ava

As my project, I attempted to queer themes found in Astrophil and Stella, and instead rediscovered my hatred for creating poetry! It was an adventure, to say the least. Below, there are two poems I wrote after pulling apart the common themes between Nic’s selection of Sidney’s poetry, followed by a discussion of how that… Read more Avid, for Ava

A Stab at Sonnets

For this project, I decided to attempt a modernized sonnet in the style of Sir Phillip Sydney. The first sonnet is my modernization of Astrophil & Stella 1. I essentially tried to line for line translate his misogyny into a modern context. I think a lot of dudes these days are just as pitiful as… Read more A Stab at Sonnets

Kahoot! b7-a367-281e19ed006f For my Second Project in this class, I chose to make a Kahoot for my classmates to play. Kahoot is a fun trivia game that I have used for a handful of projects, and have participated in during different classes multiple times before. It is a great tool that I was introduced to… Read more Kahoot!

Dueling Versions of Dragons

“Wide gaped, like the griesly mouth of hell Through which into his dark abisse all ravin fell” Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queen book 1 Canto 11 lines 107-108 Throughout history, dragons have been depicted as the antagonists of fairy tales. They can be used to represent greed, evil, seduction, and even satan himself. In the… Read more Dueling Versions of Dragons