Project 2

Jordan Marshall RMRL Project #2 Bert Williams Bert Williams was born November 10, 1874, Egbert Austin Williams. Theatre at this time was dominated by white directors, writers, and actors. Williams became famous on the vaudeville circuit in the early 1900s. At the time he was often the only black actor on stage, one of his… Read more Project 2

Medieval Lit Project 2

Regret Is Redeemed  Regret looked at his diploma and saw his life as a failure.  Nothing more than a willow tree that was   Blown down during a storm in the dead of night.  So, he grabbed a black bottle off his messy floor   And felt its rough, cool-crisp surface   As he smelt the foul odor… Read more Medieval Lit Project 2

“I Am Your Own Forever” (Found Poem)

~ Did the worldsleep yesterday?Thou had stol’n hours,free and merry.I found kisses on lips,wanting to tastesweet nothingforever. You,whose love eternal,hadst been born ananswer to provelife and heaven.All earth amazed;for nothing greaterthan you. You liv’st tomake a world honest—I thank you forthis love.If there beknives, poison, or fire,I’ll endure it with passionto see you. You give… Read more “I Am Your Own Forever” (Found Poem)

Transformative Justice in Othello

Prominent Transformative Justice advocate Mia Mingus defines Transformative Justice as, “Transformative Justice (TJ) is a political framework and approach for responding to violence, harm and abuse. At its most basic, it seeks to respond to violence without creating more violence and/or engaging in harm reduction to lessen the violence” (TJ, A Brief Description, 2020). It’s… Read more Transformative Justice in Othello

Iago, not just a Parrot

My project: I chose the drama masks to represent Iago’s two-faced nature. The black and white were chosen because of the racial bias Iago shows in regards to Othello. The text is green because jealousy is often associated with green. Since the dawn of humanity, there has been a never-ending search for a reason for… Read more Iago, not just a Parrot