Final Project

For my final project, I chose to analyze a poem written by Sir Philip Sidney titled “Leave me, O’ Love, which reachest but to dust.” This poem was part of one of Sidney’s collections titled “Certain Sonnets” that he wrote in the 1570s into the 1580s. It is noted that Sidney’s poems were not publicized… Read more Final Project

Worlds in Worlds

I really enjoyed Margaret Cavendish’s work so I decided to look at one of her poems that we didn’t discuss in class. I looked at her poem “ Of Many Worlds in This World”, her poem is about how every world has smaller worlds inside of each other. I really enjoyed the poem but I… Read more Worlds in Worlds

Similizing the Brain to a Garden, but one in like Washington State or something – Matt Travers

The brain sometimes is not full of delight A garden which sometimes struggles for sunlight. Where some days the sun shines on shimmering streams, and on others the dark consumes innocent dreams. Where petals of beautiful flowers oft fall Where life always lives, even when odds are small. You see sometimes our lives can be… Read more Similizing the Brain to a Garden, but one in like Washington State or something – Matt Travers

Kahoot Games

Beowulf: Othello: Paradise Lost: While looking through the unessays others created for their second project, I really liked the format used to create a Kahoot about Faerie Queene. For a fourth and final project, I decided that I wanted to create similar games, focusing on a text from each of the time… Read more Kahoot Games

A Commonplace Book (Analyzing Gender Roles through Literature)

Commonplace books were popular ways to compile knowledge from the renaissance to the 19th century. Things like poems, recipes, and important quotes to remember were written down in these books along with a description or notes on the topic. People would store quotations, definitions, and include personal observations along with them. Professor Helms gave me… Read more A Commonplace Book (Analyzing Gender Roles through Literature)

Since the Beginning…

Jocks, popular, orch-dorks, nerds, band geeks, etc. are all stereotypical groups to which we associate with high school and stereotypical high school movies. The apparent necessity to create this social hierarchy dominates the world we live in and the world we know, starting at a young age. This hierarchy I speak of can even be… Read more Since the Beginning…

Garden to Garden

Similarities Knowledge and the Sun “And higher then that Wall a circling row Of goodliest Trees loaden with fairest Fruit, Blossoms and Fruits at once of golden hue Appeerd, with gay enameld colours mixt: On which the Sun more glad impress’d his beams   (Book 4, lines 146-150).”  ——— “The brain a garden seems, full of delight, Whereon the sun of knowledge shineth bright  (lines 1-2).”  Both Milton and Cavendish touch… Read more Garden to Garden