The Lady in Red

“The Red Room” in Jane Eyre can apply to every woman who has ever felt “trapped” by their role in society as a woman. This picture is, of course, of Jane shown completely in mostly black-and-white (not red) contradictory to the title name. This is a metaphor for the way in which we have a… Read more The Lady in Red

Nature in Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea is a novel that explores the origin of Jane Eyre’s Bertha Mason. The novel begins with Bertha, (formerly Antionette)’s childhood, and continues to her death in fire. The book shows her relationships with family, servants, and husband, Rochester. The book moves through several distinct settings, including the Coulibri Estate of Antionette’s youth,… Read more Nature in Wide Sargasso Sea

Matt writes fanfic I think

For this final project, I’d originally intended to write a poem from Jane Eyre’s perspective in the style of Carrion Comfort by Gerard Hopkins. I then switched gears to writing the poem from the POV of Jane Eyre to that of Antoinette, until I finally scrapped the Hopkins part and just wrote a poem about… Read more Matt writes fanfic I think

R.I.P. To The Best Ones

*Warning: talk of suicide and disabilities* I have spent hours starring at this blank page, watching the cursor blink as the letters on the keyboard taunt me. I have been putting this off for weeks. I remember the first class we had where the assignment was to post on the WordPress page about disabilities. That… Read more R.I.P. To The Best Ones

A Melody

I decided for my last project to do another song, but I really wanted to challenge myself this time, so I decided to use the ukulele as my instrument of choice. This was most certainly a challenge because the fretboard is so tiny, and my fingers are rather large so the chords I played in… Read more A Melody