Habits of Mind

The General Education program at PSU focuses on developing the following Habits of Mind:

  • Purposeful Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Integrated Perspective
  • Self-Regulated Learning 

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Chart of highlights for each Habit, taken from the PSU Habits of Mind Pressbook

As a course in the General Education program, Rethinking British Literature focuses on developing Integrated Perspective, a habit of mind characterized by the recognition that individual beliefs, ideas, and values are influenced by personal experience as well as multiple contextual factors—cultural, historical, political, etc. All human beings are interconnected through their participation in natural and social systems. An integrated perspective recognizes that individual decisions impact the self, the community, and the environment. Students will acknowledge the limitations of singular points of view and recognize the benefits of engaging with and learning from others in order to integrate multiple perspectives for effective communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Assignments in this syllabus will identify the Habits of Mind being developed by the activity. While the nature of this course primarily focuses on Integrated Perspective, assignments will also ask you to develop Purposeful Communication and Self-Regulated Learning.