Intersectionality Talk Discussion

While I was not able to see Dr. Cori Bazemore-James’ intersectionality talk about “acknowledging the land” in person, I still wanted to watch the recording of it because it also relates to other things we have been discussing in one of my other classes (Intersectionality). One thing she mentions write off the bat was how she likes to buy and promote Native brands. This caught my eye because as someone who uses social media almost every day of her life and follows “influencers” they always talk bout supporting small brands. They say to buy from black-owned brands, women-owned brands, etc, but I never hear them ever mention Native brands. I think if people are saying to support more marginalized brands, they need to mention all the different types that there are. Before she even mentions that she talks about her acknowledgment statement, which is something I have never actually heard about it but after learning about it, hearing its purpose, and her statement, I think it is a really cool practice that I wish I have heard about prior. We have talked about intersectionality in my diversity education class and in my positive environments class, but we never really got to discuss intersectionality in regard to the lands of the Natives and just this whole concept in general. This talk really opened my eyes to a whole other side of intersectionality I didn’t know there was and I am excited to see/hear about other topics related to intersectionality that I haven’t heard before.

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