Bisclavret, the man the myth the legend

I think Bisclavret is a very interesting because it doesn’t necessarily follow the traditional story about werewolves. The part that is much different is that he isn’t portrayed as a bad guy, you almost feel bad for him during the whole story which is much different than traditional stories. I think the story is rather before its time, especially because of the fact that they point to the fact of a relationship between Bisclavret and the King. I first didn’t pick up on this relationship when I first read the story but after I read other people’s post I realized that this was a major thing in the story. I wonder if it was written so some people wouldn’t realize this romantic relationship between the two men but also I don’t always pick up on things when I read literature so maybe I just didn’t fully understand the story when I first read it. 

Based on the history of Werewolves, it seems that it was a kind of punishment which I find kind of weird because it would be pretty cool to be able to turn into a werewolf. Seems like it would be a huge advantage rather than be a negative. You were be able to take out your enemies so easily than transform back and no one would know it was you. I find it funny to look back at these texts and how different we portray these things versus how they portrayed these things. I also find it interesting that it was usually described that the transformation process was mostly done in private. Not really sure why, maybe they just didn’t want to describe the process, but I think to would be kind of crazy to see that happen. Another interesting part is some stories dive into that some people are stuck and cant transform back and they seek to be able to return back to their normal self.

In conclusion, I find it pretty interesting the whole history of werewolves, but also how different Bisclavret was from other stories.

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