Cavendish is my new favorite female poet

Reading Cavendish this week was a delight. For such an early era of time where science wasn’t considered “real,” Cavendish has such an inquisitive mind about the world around her. “It Is Hard to Believe That There Are Other World in This World” is a weird poem, and it seems to tackle the idea of “other worlds” in the sense of new discoveries and their impossibilities. What was previously thought of as being fiction is now science. I read that she’s also one of the first documented science fiction writers, and certainly one of the first women to write science fiction, and I love her philosophical take on subjects. The brain as a garden is also a great metaphor that can extend far and equates the brain to a living, breathing thing, which in older eras had been though of as a useless organ.

Her poetry is also great, structurally speaking. She uses vague language and saves specific metaphors or details for the more important concepts, such as in “It Is Hard to Believe That There Are Other World in This World’s” first few lines compared to the ending lines.

2 thoughts on “Cavendish is my new favorite female poet

  1. I would have to agree, I am a huge fan of Cavendish after reading some of her works. Its interesting because I never know what to really expect when reading some of these works but I was really impressed and shocked how good they were. I think maybe I liked her so much because she pretty much wrote science fiction and added in her some philosophical ideas as well. I find that it might have been kind of radical to read some of her works when they came out, I wonder what people thought of her when they read her stuff.

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