Cavendish, The Greatest to Ever do it??

First off let’s give an round of appaulse for Margaret Cavendish, she is one of the greats and I love all of the poems that I have read from her. The best part about her is how she incorporates science fiction and philosophy into her poems. I think that might be the reason why I like her stuff so much is because of how much I love science fiction and philosophy. One of my favorite poems she has written was “Of Many Worlds in This World”, it wasn’t one of the readings we did in class but it is the reading that I chose to read for my third project. The poem was about how there are worlds within worlds, and it was just such a simple but really interesting story. 

“It Is Hard to Believe that there Are Other Worlds in this World”, was a very interesting poem we read from her in class, the most fascinating part was how she brought up faith an how we believe things that seem impossible. “Nothing so hard in nature as faith is, For to believe impossibilities—Not that they’re not, but that they do not clear. Unto our reason and to sense appear.” I am not 100% confident that my interpretation is right but I think what she is trying to say is that faith is the hardest thing in the world because you have to believe things that are impossible. I think she is somewhat critiquing religion but I am not 100% sure. If she is I would agree with her as I am not the biggest religious person and tend to have a hard time believing all the crazy stories that are in some religious texts. If my interpretation is correct I think it would be a very bold thing to critique religion during the time she lived as they were very religious back then. I wonder if she got a good reception from this poem and if people agreed with it or not.

I really do like Cavendish’s works and would recommend them to anyone, I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading her poems but I am very glad that they were assigned.

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