For one of the last reflections I wanted to talk about the class in general and all the things I have taken away from the class and also some of the struggles. To start off I really enjoyed this class, it was one of the more difficult classes for this semester but that is mainly my fault. I am a really bad procrastinator so when we had the ability to do it synchronously or asynchronously, I obviously chose to do it asynchronously which led me to try to cram everything until the very last minute which just put more stress onto myself.

I think given that we are still in the pandemic, I thought the class went better than I thought it was going to do based on the fact that some of the things we read weren’t the easiest reads. I was quite concerned if it would be too challenging since we weren’t in a physical classroom but in the end it wasn’t that bad. 

I really wanted to be able to say I learned something at the end of the class and I can say I learned a lot. I think the best part of this class was that we talked about many topics that can be related to things we deal with society right now. For example with Bisclavret and the relationship between the king and himself, or stories like Othello where we talked about racism. The biggest shock to me was finding out that Lord of the Rings, and Dungeon and Dragons had many racist stereotypes which was a complete shock to me.

I am really glad that I decided to take this class, I learned way more than I thought I was going to learn. It was quite difficult because the world we live in right now but we all got through the semester and it is finally over. 

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