For the very last reflection I wanted to ask some questions that are still lingering for me, I do have my own opinion on them but I am interested if other people have these questions.

Should we still read a work even if we know the Author is a terrible person??

This one always tends to come up when I learn about guys like Tolkien who aren’t the best guys and wonder if we should still read them or not. I mean Mein Kampf by Hitler is still available to buy and read and I don’t think you can really get worse than Hitler so I would assume if people can still read him that they should be able to read people like Tolkien.

How can literature be more inclusive to authors that aren’t white??

I think one thing the schools can work on is teacher the younger generation about different authors, there is more than just Shakespeare and all the other typical white authors. I think it is time for schools to start teaching other works of literature that have authors that we never normally learn about. 

These are the big two questions I have, I know solving these two questions won’t solve everything but I think it is a start. I think the education does a very poor job of being inclusive and think it is a really big problem when it comes to teacher the younger generations. Kids are going up and only know about white authors and have no clue these other authors who might be way better than these people we normally learn about. It’s time for woman to shine and it’s time for people of other races and cultures to shine as well. I think we have excluded them for long enough and it Is beyond crazy that they are included as much as they should be.

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  1. This post was so inciteful. I think about these topics often. I’m sure you’ve heard of death of the author, where it doesn’t matter who wrote the topic and it doesn’t matter “what the author was trying to get across”. The only thing that matters is the text and how you interpret it. This can be a tricky subject because if the author, who is a terrible person, is still alive, you purchasing and reading their works is financially supporting them. It’s a tricky subject to pick a side on for sure. The second question you’ve brought up is also a huge topic in education recently. It is SO SO SO important to read authors of different races, sexualities, etc. I am so sick of the standard readings being written by dead white men. It is important to read from this variety of different authors to see different world views. Your post really got me thinking, thanks for writing!

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