The Black Death

“Black Death” Matters: A modern take on Medieval Pandemic”, I thought this was very good article to read especially because on how it compares to the pandemic we are currently going through. I think one of the biggest points that were stated in the article was that racial violence was drastically increased during the Bubonic Plaque, which is quite concerning because there has lots of racial violence going on during the pandemic. There has been many riots since the murder of George Floyd which went on during the current pandemic. I think this is something to be expected because during the worlds history there is always a scapegoat for when something bad happens. There have been many theories that went on that COVID-19 was some weapon that was designed by China to kill us which is pretty terrible theory as it is killing everyone not just Americans. But this is due to the fact that people tend to always want to blame someone, I think we should be made aware of this and be very cautious because even if COVID was started in China doesn’t mean it’s some weapon against us, I think that is just extremely racist and is quite disgusting for someone to try to blame it on China. Another interesting part of the article was how it talked about that its possibility that maybe it will bring in a new economic model, I have no evidence to say this is for sure to happen but I think It is a possibility. I think in a couple years when this pandemic is over, people will think of ways on how we can be better if something like this happens again. I would hope that the model would change because this pandemic has destroyed our economy and has made a lot of people become unemployed but only time will tell.

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  1. This post is fantastic! It is disgusting to know that people refer to Corona as “The China Virus”. It is so unbelievably fucked up to blame a specific country for a global pandemic, and I truly believe we may never know the actual origins of it because of countries blaming each other. When I was at Walmart a few weeks back I actually saw a car with a sticker that said “Fuck China” with the covid symbol on it. It’s racism, plain and simple. So sad that a global issue killing thousands and thousands of people can still divide the world when we all should be united from it. It is so sad that it has come to the point of people needing to riot in order for their points to be heard as well, which divides the country even more. This pandemic is so stressful for all groups of people, I know at least 8 people right now including myself looking for new jobs or jobs in general. I wish you the best over this much needed break, stay healthy.

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