The Questions of Race in Beowulf??

This isn’t my first time talking about Tolkien and likely won’t be my last, I think the reason I talk about him so much is the fact that I was so surprised when I found out who he really was, I watched and read Lord of the Rings but never really caught on to all his racist stereotypes he incorporating into his works. “ The Question of Race in Beowulf” really opens your eyes on the things Tolkien did but also shows how Beowulf deals with race. It is likely that with Tolkien’s interpretation that viewed “Grendel as a black man connected to a biblical justification for transatlantic chattel slavery”. This just explains his view on Beowulf and how he was very biased. “Tolkien’s most circulated political stance has been his resistance to fascism as displayed in letters he wrote to a German publisher. He may have abhorred fascism and antisemitism, but he upheld the English empire’s white supremacy. He held racialized beliefs against Africans and other members of the English black diaspora.” It seems that there seems to be people who try to defend Tolkien based on his take of fascism but that doesn’t justify his takes on Beowulf and also his take on Africans and his need to preserve White supremacy. I am not saying we shouldn’t read Lord of the Rings because he wasn’t a great guy but I think we should just be made aware of the things he said and did, it’s one of those things where everyone is going to have their opinion. Some people may think that we should never read Tolkien because the way he is, some may so who wasn’t that bad of a guy and no reason not to read his work. Everyone has their own opinion so I don’t think any one of them is right or wrong but personally I think we should just be taught who Tolkien really was.

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