“#ToBeBlack” maybe one of the most powerful things I have watched, it gives you such an insight on what is going on in this world. The best part is they use Shakespeare’s words which were never intended for this but this video is better than any of the books Shakespeare has ever written. I think this video is something that everyone should watch no matter who you are. What this video does for me is shows that as a white man I cannot do anything besides support the black community, I will never be able to say I understand what they are going through but I can be there to support them. I think that is all we can do is show support and always be there when they need help. I think this video could be useful to show to  the people who somehow think racism isn’t real or who don’t have any issue with the death of George Floyd and the many others. I think as a society we have to educate the ignorant because some people don’t know how what is going on in this country, it could either be their parents didn’t teach them or they just don’t care but we must make an effort to teach the younger generation what really is going on in this country. 

I think this could relate to the notion that in High school we aren’t taught the full history of our country, and in literature we aren’t made aware of what really is going on in some of the books. I think the younger generations would be more understanding if they were really taught the way they should be. I think schools should go more in-depth about racism in our country and should also teach more about how racism has affected literature as well. 

This is a very powerful video, which I am very glad that it was assigned for this class. 

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  1. YES!! This post brings some very essential topics to light. We all (hopefully) read about racism and slavery in high school, and anybody with common sense and a good soul is aware that it was an awful thing, but there are so many hidden sides to it that are not even discussed or included in history books, which make the brutal history of slavery sound less bad than it was. The torture minorities faced was absolutely disgusting, way worse than we were taught. If you think of a method of torture, it was probably used on slaves. TRIGGER WARNING: GRAPHIC. But this year, 2020, t the age of 21 years old, I found out that it was common for slave owners to use their slaves skin as leather. Fucking horrendous things such as that were common practice, and as I got into college, I learned about how glossed over American history was. I get we can’t study everything that happened, there is no possible way and it would take way too long. But it makes you think how close everything you learned about was to the actual truth.

    You bring up a good point, what can we do as white people to help minorities? This year in light of the protests, I learned how essential it is to use your white privilege as a tool. You hear something racist come out of someone’s mouth? Say something. Correct them, present facts, make them second guess themselves. The best thing you can do to help is to educate those that do not see what is wrong with what they say. CALL THEM OUT.

    I work at a movie theater restaurant, and an old white man was sitting in a theater. As I was taking his order he asked “How much of this movie is in fucking Spanish?” I responded with “I don’t know sir, I’ve never seen it.” He had the audacity to look at me and say “I just wanted to watch a relaxing movie on my day off. I don’t want to listen to spanish, this is an American movie theater.” He was expecting me to side with him, to laugh along and agree. I told him the front counter could give him a ticket refund and left it at that. I didn’t even want to serve that man after that experience. Subtle racism like that is everywhere, see something, say something. Nice post- it really made me think.

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