Tolkien at it again

This class has made me realize a lot of things about racism in literature, and I am someone who thought I was pretty aware of a lot of racism in the world but I was proved wrong after reading “Orcs, Britons, And The Martial Race Myth, Part 2: They’re Not Human”. In Part one I learned more about Tolkien and how he put some not so nice stereotypes in his books, which I never knew about. This article dived into Dungeons and Dragons, which I still do not know much about so I would not pretend to be some sort of expert but I some small knowledge of the racism that is involved with it. Tolkien did have a big impact on the racism being a part of this game so everyone can go thank him but I’m not really surprised to be honest. It’s very apparent that racism is still a thing and a very big problem, but it still sucks to read about books or games that have these racist stereotypes.

The most interesting part to me is that there are half orcs in this game and the way the author words it seems the only time an Orc and a Human would get together is if they want to be evil together and have kids. I mean this just sounds really wrong and should be a thing. Again I am not an expert in DnD so I could be wrong but based on the article this is what the game seems to point at.

My biggest question is has there been any push to try to retcon this game or other games to make it less racist? 

I don’t have much knowledge in this game so I’m not sure if there has been a push to retcon these racist stereotypes. I read in another post that there are these same racist stereotypes in Legend of Zelda, so I really hope there is some push to retcon these things because I think at this point it’s ridiculous to still have these in our games.

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