A Reflection on the Beginning Portion of Jane Eyre

Straight from the start I am going to address that this was not my favorite book that we read this semester. However, I can acknowledge on why it is so important to literature. I have never felt so uncomfortable from reading the beginning of a book. The themes of child abuse and neglect really freaked me out and it made me keep reading. The imagery of red was really cool to me as well and it made me feel like a good reader because I found some sort of symbolism. Typically, me a reader is very oblivious to symbolism but not this time, I finally found something. I think the reason why the beginning of the book bothered me so much is because I know people who personally have gone through some similar situations. It just reminded me of them and at some parts of the early book it got tough to read. This however did not detract from the book or story. I felt really sympathetic for jane as a character and that rarely happens to me. When I consume media, I feel a sense of detachment but with this story it was really different. It was really cool to be invested in a character and to truly care about them.

One thought on “A Reflection on the Beginning Portion of Jane Eyre

  1. I wanted to comment on this because Jane Eyre happened to be my favorite book of this semester, so I wanted to see why it wasn’t yours. I see why you would be uncomfortable, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this.

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