Another Frankenstein Post

As Science keeps progressing Frankenstein is really interesting because of how it deals with mortality and the thirst for knowledge. Every human throughout their life has thought about their own mortality, and they have thought of how to avoid or reverse it. What I really like about this novel is Victory, even though he is really selfish I think his goals were somewhat noble in a sense. In creating a monster, it could also help by revving the dead. This would have been an enormous feat for the time. One thing I thought about was if Victor kept going through the experiments and maybe messing with more creatures if he could bring back more of the dead. That would have been a super cool possibility and if the story did not turn out the way it did I think that it is highly plausible. I wish that Victor never stopped his research and in my previous discussion I had also longed for him to create another monster. I never have thought of Victor as a mad scientist, rather I thought of him as a normal person really testing the boundaries of what science can really conquer. Who knows if things had changed maybe he could of had the almighty cure for death.

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  1. I noticed the theme that the novel takes on his something that has been seen in current works of fiction and film, I agree with you that Frankenstein captures that “thirst for knowledge” and how it blurs the lines between whats right and whats morally wrong, which I think we are approaching rapidly in the scientific community.

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